Nuclear fusion diagnostics

Bolometer System

Our nuclear fusion diagnostic systems for plasma physics experiments have had many years of worldwide success in nuclear fusion devices. The bolometer system is a diagnostic for absolute measurement in the soft x-ray to infrared range, in order to measure the radiation losses spatially and temporally resolved in plasma machines.

The bolometer (dimensions: 20x33x15 mm3) is a highly integrated four-channel detector with independent metal resistor bridges. It has functioned successfully for many years in world wide nuclear fusion experiments.

Absolute measurement in soft-x-ray to infrared
Low noise
Linear response to absorbed radiation
Operates in high magnetic fields and at high temperature
Survives high nuclear radiation doses
Detection limit: 10-6 W/cm2
Low thermal drift: dU/dT < 10-4 V/K
The electronic system consists of an amplifier rack containing 4 carrier frequency amplifiers with synchronous demodulation providing the resistor bridges with a very pure sine voltage and a control rack with a GPIB interface. It is able to communicate with a total of 17 amplifiers.

Amplifier settings via GPIB interface
Electrical insulation of the individual channels
Output voltage analogue and digital (16 bit)
Optical transmission of signal and commands
Bolometer System

Ionisation pressure gauge system

The ASDEX pressure gauge system is a well-established diagnostic for the measurement of neutral gas density in nuclear fusion experiments. The system has especially been developed for operation in high magnetic fields, under noisy conditions and high temperatures. It has performed very reliably in world wide fusion experiments for many years.

Operation in high magnetic fields
Small sensor design 20x22x25 mm3
Bakeable up to 500°C
High noise rejection
Fast time response
Bolometer System

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