Joining technologies

Joining technologies

Joining technology is one of our core competencies, and we can provide the following capabilities:

Brazing of metals and ceramics
Induction brazing and soldering
Brazing and soldering of sapphire windows
Laser soldering
Laser welding

Due to their properties, ceramic materials are going to become more and more key products in technology and industry. Joining these materials with metals, we get a new compound combining the positive properties of both, ceramics and metals.

Active brazing technology brings this to reality with the advantage of being more cost effective than conventional methods. These joints, being of high quality and vacuum tight, have been performed in our company for applications such as space science, medical and sensor technology.

We offer brazing services according to customers specifications such as:

Vacuum brazing of metals
Metalization of ceramic surfaces
Metal-ceramic joints

Moreover, we design and manufacture brazing furnaces.

Sapphire is frequently used as viewports or closures in medical instruments, food industry and space science.

IPT has extensive experience in brazing and soldering of these sapphires in metal frames or tubes. The joints are helium tight and autoclavable.
Bolometer System

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